Frequently asked questions

What is this?

Here's what's happening. You have things to say to Elon, but he's a busy guy, so he probably doesn't see your tweets. It's not anyone's fault. You just didn't tweet at the right time.

That's where this whole thing comes in. You tell us what you want to tell the man, and we wait until we're pretty sure he's online. And then we send your tweet, from your account. Simple!

How much does it cost?

Ok so that probably wasn't actually your next question.

It actually does cost something, but for a good reason. The cost helps by naturally rate limiting the amount of tweets we need to send. The cost also informs us to know which tweet should send first.

So wait, I get to pick the price?

Right, you pay what you want, and that price you paid puts you in the queue. We send tweets off the queue ordered by price, sending the highest valued tweets first.

And what if I'm not Mr./Mrs. Moneybags?

Well, pay what you can to get on the queue, and if your tweet is something the community finds worthwhile, others can chip in to raise the bounty on the tweet and move it up the queue.

And how do I pay?

Ok so maybe you weren't going to ask that one either.

Payments are only taken through Bitcoin's Lightning network. Bitcoin is... well that's beyond the scope of this FAQ. The Lightning network sits on top of Bitcoin and fascilitates quick and cheap transactions. If you don't know about it, I'm sure you can Google it and figure it out pretty quickly.

Ok so, from the top... how does this work?

You click theNew Tweetbutton and we redirect you to Twitter. You have to authorize our app to have access to tweet on your behalf. Then Twitter will send you back here and you can begin crafting your tweet. Once you're done, you'll specify a price denominated in sats, the smallest unit of a bitcoin. There isn't a minimum price, but some wallets will not let you send transactions of 1 sat. 10 sats is a pretty safe low bet, but you do you.

Once you've filled out the tweet and the price, click theSubmit and Fundbutton. That will generate a lightning invoice and a QR code will pop up. If you're using a lightning wallet mobile app you can just scan that QR with your phone and the wallet app will ask you to confirm the details. If you're on your phone already trying to do this, you probably can't scan your own phone screen. So in that case there's a text version of the lightning invoice below the QR code that you can copy and paste into your wallet app.

Once you've paid the lightning invoice you'll be taken to the new tweets view where you can see the list of tweets on the queue ordered by how recently they were added. And that's it! You can navigate over toTop to see the tweets ordered by bounty. We'll keep sending the top tweet every time Elon tweets.

And you send a tweet for every Elon tweet?

Great question! No we don't. We only send tweets when he tweets a non-retweet, non-reply tweet. So new fresh, stand on their own, tweets. If the volume of tweets in our queues gets to be too large, I reserve the right to revisit this policy.